Mises University 2011 Comes to an End

The Ludwig von Mises Institute’s week-long Mises University program was amazing as always this year, with students representing about 32 US states and over 30 different countries.  Lectures ranged from topics such as money and banking to the division of labor and praxeology.  Meals were provided and everyone was able to discuss the fallacies of the state before heading to the bars to see Bob Murphy performing on stage.  

Students were able to choose from concurrent lectures each day and ultimately chose whether or not to take a written and oral examination in front of a panel of judges.  I think it is extremely exciting for the liberty movement that during this precipitous time in our history, multiple conferences like Mises U and events such as the YAL National Convention are now commonplace among options for students to involve themselves.  This year’s Mises University boasted the largest attendence on record, with many more applicants than could be accepted.  There is no doubt now after having attended this program that the ideas of Mises, Rothbard, and the rest of the Austrian school are spreading all over the world.  Many students will return home to their respective countries and localities to spread the message of economic liberty and its importance for societal progress.  

To all who attended, it was great sharing the experience with you.  To all who were not able, be looking for upcoming events regarding the Mises Institute.  There might be a Mises Circle coming to your area!

Therefore nothing is more important today than to enlighten public opinion about the basic differences between genuine Liberalism, which advocates the free market economy, and the various interventionist parties which are advocating government interference. — Mises, in Economic Freedom and Interventionism 

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