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G Bush Billboard

No this not a forgery. A local Minnesota Public Radio voice has brought attention to this billboard which can be seen traveling on I-35 near Wyoming, MN. Though funny, this billboard shows just how important liberty minded groups like YAL and C4L are right now.

What this billboard shows is that many still see Bush as an alternative to Obama. I do not need to go into how they are basically the same; most of you know this already. It is the conservative base that does not see the difference.  While the Tea Party movement has grown exponentially, it is still very undefined. They seem to get the idea that government growth and spending has spun out of control, yet they tout neoconservatives like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck as the new champions of conservatism.

Despite those who are clambering to stay in the spotlight of this growing movement, the mentality I get from most Tea Party people is “If they’re in office now, I want them out.” While this position is a great step, they tend to fail to take the next step. They see the system as corrupt and overbearing, but instead of thinking about it more deeply, they simply ask for the same thing…but with fiscal conservatism.  That is where we can step in and give them the remaining pieces the the puzzle they are forgetting.

So for those of you who are still deciding, please join us at CPAC. This year is one of the most strategically crucial for the liberty movement as a whole. While the direction of the Tea Party movement is being determined, it must be the liberty-minded who take prevalence. Otherwise we could see this fanatastic blossoming movement of unguided folks be steered directly into the arms of neoconveratism again. Should this happen, we’ll get another government growing, rights stomping, fascist conservative movement that spawned a George W. Bush — just one more given to protests.  Then billboards like this might start popping up with Obama’s picture on them as the same old cycle continues.

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