Miss USA to TSA: Ban the Scan!

As people across the country prepare for their summer vacations, some will be taking vacations that involve flying, which means having to deal with the pat-down happy TSA. The obscene practices of this government entity are well-known and much-despised, and those of us that would like nothing better than to see such practices end may’ve gotten a new partner in the fight.

Teaming up with Campaign for Liberty, Miss USA 2003 winner Susie Castillo is launching a campaign to get state and local governments to pass anti-groping and anti-pat down legislation similar to that of the Texas State Legislature. Ms. Castillo’s anger at the TSA comes from her own experiences being “violated” by a TSA servicewoman at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport back in April. On her website, she describes the ordeal, which involved frequent and unnecessary touching of her body that was different from her previous pat-down experience at LAX in Los Angeles, which was less thorough. More at www.silverunderground.com.

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