Mississippi State Hosts Dr. James Stacey Taylor on Organ Markets

At Mississippi State University on October 27 at 6 PM, a classroom was packed full of students of every ethnicity, gender, and age. There were even a few professors interspersed throughout the crowd. They weren’t there by compulsion or to attend a class; no, they were there completely voluntarily, on their own free time. What could possibly bring such a diverse group voluntarily into a classroom on a dreary, rainy Tuesday night?

The message of liberty.

James Stacey Taylor Talk

You see, these people were here to listen to Dr. James Stacey Taylor lecture on the inherent morality of free markets, specifically the sale of human organs. Yes, you read that right: a group of 40 college students chose to attend a lecture about markets and morality rather than do the plethora of other things college students are known for doing in their free time.

Mississippi State University is just that kind of place. Our student body is an intellectually open-minded one; one in which good ideas spread like wildfire. Such is the case with the message of individualism and liberty.

James Stacey Taylor Talk 2

The crowd was quite interactive, with the question and answer session spanning nearly half an hour after the engaging talk was finished. For the Bulldogs for Liberty, this is not abnormal, but is instead the norm. As an undergraduate, I have been able to connect with a number of other passionate advocates for liberty that I never thought would be possible until I found YAL. Being among the inquisitive student body that attempts to expand its knowledge far beyond the bounds of that which can only be learned in standard courses is extremely fulfilling. This culture of liberty is indicative of a bright future for human freedom and prosperity here in the Magnolia State.

James Stacey Taylor Sit Down

The YAL chapter at Mississippi thanks the Institute for Humane Studies and Dr. James Stacey Taylor for providing such an enriching experience to the students of MSU. His engaging talk opened even more Bulldogs up to the idea of a truly free society.

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