Missouri State University Revs up for Fall 2013

After fighting with the university’s student government association throughout most of the spring semester, Young Americans for Liberty at Missouri State University — with help from the chapter’s president, Ashley Eichelberger, and a handful of other YAL members — is now recognized by the university and raring to make up for lost time!


After a smattering of successful table events, MSU YAL was finally able to acquire the tools and resources necessary to put on a Generation of War tabling event on campus. The event attracted several students and faculty members from the small university who seemed genuinely shocked at how far-reaching United States’ foreign policy has been for the past several years.

Among those who stopped by the event, 10 took the Generation of War quiz, 20 people signed up for our chapter’s email list, and many more had their interest piqued. All told, the event generated interest in the ideals of the liberty movement, and laid down an excellent base for future chapter growth.


We’re excited and very optimistic about the possibilities that next semester will bring. And what is more, the chapter, unlike this past semester’s haggling with the SGA, will have the opportunity to start next semester with momentum and a sense of purpose. Next semester is going to be a real barnburner for YAL’s chapter at Missouri State University!


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