MLK Jr. Day of Learning

Our chapter has set a precedent by being the first political student group at Capital University to ever be invited to participate in the annual Martin Luther King Junior Day of Learning. 


MLK day of learning is a tradition at Capital during which different student groups and faculty members organize workshops to discuss issues plaguing marginalized communities in American society.  Traditionally, the workshops are hosted by diversity groups from on, or around the campus.  This year, however, an invitation was extended to our group to host a workshop on something we feel very strongly about, criminal justice reform.

The goal of our event was to open a dialogue. We wanted to show why it is important for our generation to seriously look at the current state of the criminal justice system and look for real solutions.

Swag Table

Ms. Gladstone did an amazing job to that end and brought forth a detailed summary of the status quo and the issues with over criminalization. Towards the end of the secession she also fielded a wide variety of questions regarding all facets of the criminal justice system.

The main event

The workshop was a total hit and we were able to engage with an entirely new group of students who had yet to hear our message of personal liberty. Incarceration Nation not only helped to start a dialogue on campus, but also engaged our chapter in a rich tradition at Capital University.       

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