Mock Caucus at University of Minnesota

Caucuses can be confusing, which is why YAL at the University of Minnesota teamed up with our local chapter of Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow to host a Mock Caucus.

Former YAL state Chair of Minnesota and YAL – UMN Chair Adam Motzko led the training, with anecdotes from his own experiences caucusing illustrating each part of the caucus. As someone who has gone through the system from precinct-level to a party’s national convention as a delegate, Adam was able to answer most of the questions before they were even asked. 

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By illustrating the ins and outs of the caucus process, the YAL chapter hopes to help students make their voice heard in the political system. This is especially relevant in Minnesota, where a different part of the caucus system determines (with near perfect accuracy) the winner of local and congressional primaries.

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