Mom, the government’s being Paranoid again. Make it stop.

The New York Times recently reported that Iran proposed a new deal with Brazil and Turkey in which the rogue state would “ship half of its nuclear fuel to Turkey.”

What’s the United States’s response? More sanctions. The Times continues to report that “rejecting the new deal, however, could make President Obama appear to be blocking a potential compromise.” And blocking a potential compromise he is indeed. The United States has been prodding a stick at an angry pit bull for half a century and seems to believe that doing so will make the pit bull (Iran) calm down and accept U.S. terms. What President Obama, his predecessors, and current State Department staff refuse to do, however, is put themselves in Iranian shoes.

When President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeatedly states that he is willing to negotiate and talk with the United States, perhaps the United States should be willing to negotiate and talk with the same country it has harassed for fifty years all because of an oil dispute in the 1950s. It’s as if the U.S. is doing whatever it can to prolong conflict and delay peace.

Here’s a question I would like to pose to the State Department: “Would Iran go to war or launch a nuclear missile on its biggest trader?” Obviously not if it’s trading the same fuel used to create a missile with Brazil and Turkey. Perhaps if the United States did not act so belligerently, other countries (or organizations for that matter) would not have a reason to detonate a bomb in America to begin with. Iran can hardly enrich uranium to 20%. Uranium must be enriched to 90% in order for it to be used as a conventional weapon. And considering that half of Iran’s nuclear fuel is being shipped overseas, we learn that Iran only has enough fuel for just one warhead that it is decades away from producing.

The United States is playing the “Paranoid Card” again. A recent study disproved the federal government’s claim to have been able to intercept 84% of incoming missile targets. Realistically, our antimissile defenses have only been able to shoot down 10-20%. Not only is it quite sad that our government was off by about 70% in its own assessments, but Iran has yet to develop one missile, let alone enrich its uranium to energy-producing levels.

The U.S. likes to create problems for itself that really have never existed. This isn’t the first time and if we allow government to continue operating this way, it won’t be the last.

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