Money Down the Toilet — Literally!

With incredible irony, the federal government is using tens of millions of dollars in stimulus money to fix toilets around the country.

From the New York Post:

The feds are spending tens of millions of stimulus dollars to repair and build toilets across the nation, in an outflow of taxpayer funds that critics have branded “potty pork.”

From humble sylvan outhouses to “historic” restrooms, cash from the $787 billion stimulus is going to spruce up or completely replace aging toilets, government releases show.

If that is not the biggest case of government irony, I have no clue what would be.  To repeat: the government is using stimulus money to repair toilets across the country. They are literally flushing our money down the toilet.  (The situation is reminiscent of the government’s regulation of toilets in the 90s as hilariously chronicled by humorist (and libertarian) Dave Barry.)


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