Money Monday – My Experience Buying Gold and Silver Bullion Coins Last Week

m dimeSuiting action to words last week, I finally made a trip to a local coin store in my city to start my run on the global fiat banking system by letting their bad money drive the good money (gold and silver) into my new hoard of inflation-proof value. I’m hoping that when the fiat money system crashes, everything will be so cheap for people who have gold and silver to spend that I can take a year off and ride motorcycles across South America. Or something awesome like that.

So on the big day, I rolled into this coin shop with a collection of numismatic coins (coins that have collector’s value because they are rare, or have interesting stories behind them) that I used to collect as a(n extremely nerdy) child. I wanted them to appraise the collector’s value of the coins, and then trade them in along with a stack of Federal Reserve notes for some gold and silver. I was happily surprised to learn what a couple of my coin sets were worth. I definitely got more for them than I’d expected. Then I kicked in my FRNs to buy some hard assets…

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