Montclair State University chapter hard at work this Spring semester

After a relaxing winter break, the Montclair State University YAL chapter is hard at work once again. The first time we tabled was at the Student Activities’ Fair, where our Public Relations guy Mike dressed in a George Washington costume to attract an audience to our table and a few students discovered they are actually libertarians with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Student Activities Fair tabling

This semester, we are tabling as often as twice a week, and we love tabling with our new Jenga set. We usually ask students to answer a simple question about economics (e.g. What is the national debt? What is the most economically free country in the world?). If a student answers wrong, we ask him/her to move a block from the foundation to the top of the tower, then ask if moving the block increased the total amount of blocks. Obviously not; moving a block made the overall structure less stable, much like the government redistributing wealth does not increase the amount of wealth but only creates a more unstable economy.

Tabling with Jenganomics

We have also done one debt clock display so far. The reactions of students were mixed — a passionate few who agree with our cause and feel inspired by our display interspersed amid a sea of texters who do not care enough about their fiscal freedom and government overreach of power to turn their heads. Still, the few interested guys and gals make us feel like what we are doing is worth it after all.

Debt clock

Our upcoming events include a members’ retreat on Friday March 2, a Free Speech event with Americans for Prosperity New Jersey director Steve Lonegan on Thursday March 7, and a New Jersey Second Amendment Society speaker on Thursday, March 21.

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