Morality on Party Lines

My campus group hosted a Peace Rally in our town this past semester. In looking for help with the organization and funding for the event, we contacted several other groups on campus. The best reaction came from Amnesty International, who helped by picketing and holding up signs to the cars that were passing by. 

However, in our search for help, we were unfortunately lead to the College Democrats. We were still in the planning phases at that time and had not yet set a specific date. However, there were only a few weeks before the presidential election. We approached the president of the College Democrats and asked if they would like to help out in organizing a Peace Rally, which would be calling for an end to the Iraq War. His answer shocked me, though it probably shouldn’t have. He informed us that he did not want to participate in anything against the Iraq War before the election because it could lose Barack Obama votes.

The rally ended up being after the election anyway due to timing issues. Yet, I sincerely hope that this guy does not continue his political activism past college. He has already formed his sense of morality based upon what he believes is best for the democratic party. When did the good of the country take a back seat to the good of the party? I just did not think that morality based on party politics started at such a young age. How naive of me.

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