More Drug War Blunders

In 2001 the Federal Government added an amendment to the Higher Education Act that barred people convicted of drug charges federal aid to attend higher education institutions. By 2006 189,065 people were denied federal aid because of their convictions. Despite protests from students, colleges and even a lawsuit by the ACLU this program is still in full affect. Yet recently do to public out cry congress is attempting to scale back portions of this self defeating legislation by dropping the blanket conviction clause and specifying only those convicted of drug dealing. However Rep. Mark Souder, author of the original legislation, is planning tomorrow to introduce an amendment to HR 3221 (Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act) to strip this new language out of the bill, reinstating the original clause. By blocking aid to students, it increases drug use and damages our economy by not allowing a path for those who cannot afford an education to be prematurely denied because of past wrongs. Call congress and ask them to Vote Against  Rep. Souder’s amendment and stop him from doing even more damage to our economy and education process.

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