More Free Speech at Elon University

To promote free speech and our film screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” Our YAL chapter set up a table on campus with flyers, constitutions, and t-shirts, which we handed out to students as we inflated the giant beach ball. 
Once we got the ball rolling students were excited to write on the ball, especially after we said they could write anything they wanted to. We handed a flyer to each student who wrote on the ball, telling them about the film screening we’ll be hosting in just a few days. They all seem excited to learn more about PC culture on college campuses, and even more excited once they heard there will be free food.
It was a lot of fun seeing what students wrote on the ball. Some expressed their hatred for certain classes, some drew pictures, and one student even wrote a poem about Donald Trump! Students were interested to learn about why we were doing this event, specifically why a giant beach ball, and many were surprised to learn about the reality of free speech zones on college campuses.
Our next step is to keep spreading the word about the film screening, we’re already expecting a great turnout! 
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