More Guns, Less Crime w/ John Lott and $500 Gun Voucher at the University of Michigan

Standing Room Only

On Wednesday April 10, thanks to the generous support from Leon Drolet,, and April Innovative Activism funds, the Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at the University of Michigan were able to host renowned gun rights spokesman John Lott. Alongside, John Lott’s presentation, there was also a free raffle to anyone who attended the event for a $500 voucher to purchase anything of their choice from Glock Store generously provided us with the donation for the event.

Posting Wall

In preparation for the event, YAL at the University of Michigan posted and handed out flyers profusely before the event. Our chapter also sent our Vice President Derek Magill on a local radio show, Clarkscast, in order to promote the event. Furthermore, we teamed up with YAL’s sister organization, Campaign for Liberty, who agreed to cosponsor the event and promote it to its members across the state of Michigan.

Panorama View #1

John Lott’s presentation was entitled, “More Guns, Less Crime” after his bestselling novel. In the presentation, Dr. Lott discussed the argument that is often made in regards to gun control that it would make our streets safer. He then set out on debunking the argument, showing real world examples from Chicago to the United Kingdom. Over the hour and half long presentation he poured over countless studies and examples that showed giving the average individual easy access to guns would indeed reduce the overall violence and crime rate in a society.The event was a huge success, with a head count at 205 people in attendance!

Tabling Outside Event

Line Outside

Outside of the event, we had several of our members working to pass out raffle tickets, as well as providing literature to those who were interested in learning more about our club or just about liberty itself. 

We were even luck enough to have YAL Michigan State Chairman Moe Shuman come early and help us set up and participate in the event.

Crowd from Back

The event was completely free for both students and the public to enter, but we did have a donation box sitting outside at the table and had it passed around Q&A, and were able to collect $207 in donations. 

Donation Box

Even though we were able to bring in a good amount of cash, one lucky attendee did win the $500 voucher to Below he is pictured along with three YAL members.

$500 Voucher Winner

Overall, the John Lott speech was a massively successful event, and helped Young Americans for Liberty become much more known on campus. The event could not have been possible without the support of YAL National via the April Innovative Activism grant, as well as Leon Drolet,, and, most important, the members who sacrificed their time and put the effort into organizing the event. Watch the entire speech here:

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