More on the Census: Response Rates in 2000 today links to this article from the Chicago Tribune on census resisters.  Most of it was a rehash of the obvious and/or information I’d already read, except for this line:

The resistance is not new. In 2000, only 67 percent of households responded to the census.

67%?  No wonder prosecution is so rare — there’s no way the Census Bureau could deal with prosecuting a third of the households in the country.  The figure seemed surprisingly low, but information on the Census Bureau’s website assures me it’s correct:  Only 67% of Americans participated in the last census, and that was a higher rate than expected by 6%.

I’d been sort of vaguely under the impression that this was the first year the census had been met with any serious resistence.  These figures show this is clearly not the case, and that those who refuse to complete the full census form will have a significant amount of company.

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