More Peace and Harmony Brought to You By Our Tax Dollars

This video is more proof of why we need to completely stop funding foreign governments and their criminal acts with our tax dollars. Countless incidents like this occur everyday within the occupied territories and too often they are not reported by the lame-stream media.

I don’t care how “conservative” or “liberatrian” you are. If you still think we should send billions of dollars to other countries/governments, well then you basically advocate for a foreign aid style redistribution of wealth. It’s time we put an end to this. It’s hurting both Palestinians, the Israelis and of course it’s hurting our credibility in the Middle East — not that most of our elected officials care or anything.

Also, many of our elected officials are at times valiant and will attack other lobbying groups, but are too chicken to even mildly criticize AIPAC. AIPAC, the Saudi lobby, and many other foreign government endorsed lobbying groups have significant consequences to our foreign policy. Therefore, wouldn’t it be the best thing to just end all foreign aid (and intervention) so these lobbying groups will not be as influential in our country and politics? I think so.

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