More ‘Visualize the Debt’ Press!

From Utah State University:

In response to concerns with national debt, the Young Americans for Liberty will put a 40-foot-long display of the approximate amount of national debt on the TSC Patio in hopes that students will realize the severity of the number, which is climbing steadily toward $15 trillion.

The setup will be viewable on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1. Students from YAL will be outside offering further information on national debt to passersby.

“We hope that the students, first of all, just understand the scope of national debt and realize that the most simple way to put it is the federal government has just grown so large it meddles in people’s everyday lives on so many levels where it wasn’t originally intended to,” said David Nilson, USU’s YAL chapter president. “The government has gotten way too big, and way too intrusive.”

From Purdue Univerisity:

A group of Purdue University students want to focus on the federal deficit.

The Purdue chapter of Young Americans for Liberty set up shop on the Purdue Mall Tuesday, asking passersby about the deficit and encouraging them to sign a petition urging U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Indianapolis, to work on curtailing federal spending.

They brought their point home with a posterboard longer than 7 feet on which they wrote the size of the federal debt: $14,211,533,551,640. “And in that six hours we were out there, it grew by $4 billion,” said Benjamin Gehlhausen, the president of Purdue’s YAL chapter.

From Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College:

A banner stretched on the walkway between the library and science buildings at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College presents a simple message — the national debt is more than $14 trillion.

The exact number posted is $14,249,512,315,999.16.

“We put it up Sunday night,” said Corey Adkison of Hurley. “The numbers are from last Monday, so it is actually $8 billion to $9 billion higher. I think it goes up by $8 billion every five days.”

Congratulations, all!  YAL is in the news all over the place these days.

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