More War Crimes in a Criminal War

NB:  View this video with caution; it includes graphic and disturbing imagery.

Harper’s Magazine releases video purportedly showing Blackwater thugs firing into civilians and running over Iraqi woman:

Videos posted by Harper’s Magazine show the private contractor formerly known as Blackwater in Iraq running over a woman with a car, smashing into Iraqis’ cars to move them out of the way and firing a rifle into traffic.

The behavior by Blackwater seen in the videos adds even more fuel to evidence that the company “encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life.”

The videos are included in a piece by Charles Glass entitled “The Warrior Class” that looks at the rise of private security contractors. Glass had been shown the videos by a former Blackwater employee.

War crimes in a criminal war. And because this happened in Iraq under occupation and committed by civilians not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), no governmental body has jurisdiction. Intentionally or not, these men who committed these crimes with impunity will never face justice.

We can only imagine the atrocities that occurred off-camera.

Even if somehow there was a way to make these men accountable for their actions, unless we truly end the wars tomorrow, the carnage will never stop. The murder of innocent Iraqis or Afghans is inevitable.

The party loyalist will claim that President Barack Obama ended the Iraq War last year. However, as I have pointed out many, many times on my personal blog and Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the violence is ongoing and the presence of 15,000 mercenaries in Iraq will ensure that the tragedy depicted in the video above will continue to occur.

UPDATE: The Guardian reported last February this gruesome revelation:

The American Civil Liberties Union obtained a series of US defence documents that showed that the unit’s personnel had been investigated repeatedly over their alleged involvement in a catalogue of abuses. In one case, taskforce interrogators were said to have forced a 73-year-old woman to crawl around a room while a man sat on her back, before forcing a broom handle into her anus. Two of her fingers were broken. The woman, a retired teacher, said her interrogators demanded to know the whereabouts of her son and husband, both of whom she said were dead.

Americans ought to be horrified.

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