Movie Night with Stetson Young Americans for Liberty

Last Thursday, our small but growing chapter held it’s first event. Our event was the screening of the movie V for Vendetta. While the movie screening was approved for additional school credit, we only had one person show up to watch. His name was Malachi Gabriel, and through out the film, we engaged in a very enlightening conversation that covered topics ranging from the differences of communist and fascist totalitarian governments and the realistic implications and responsibility of total anarchy and statelessness. At the conclusion of the movie, we then moved into a more in-depth dialogue that compared the political themes of the fictional United Kingdom in the movie with the real political environment of the current United Kingdom. By the finality of the event, Malachi expressed a deep desire to join our fight for spreading the ideas of liberty and asked if he could serve as Vice President for our organization (as we only have 3 current members total). I agreed to his request and now our membership has increased by one. Although we experienced a low turn out rate, I believe that the event was a success because within the field of political advocacy, successes are not measured in giant instances of thousands of students flocking to join and further our cause. Successes, I believe and have seen, are measured in small inches and relatively insignificant conversations with every new convert wanting to learn more about the reason why we held the event in the first place. I look forward in working with our new Vice President and only ask the national organization of the Young Americans for Liberty to bear witness to a change in political culture and a birth of a movement.

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