Movie Uncannily Predicts US Response to Terrorism

I’m sure many people have seen ‘The Siege,’ starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis, but I had not until recently.  I have to say — it’s unbelievable that it came out before the terrorist attacks on 9/11. 

This movie, released in 1998, deals with the United States government’s response to well-cooridinated terrorist attacks on New York City.  Without giving away too much plot for those who haven’t seen it, let me just say that all the actions of the US government, in regards to “keeping us safe” in post 9/11 America, are predicted almost prophetically.  From the role of the CIA in training future terrorists, to the effects of blowback, to the use of torture, even hinting at what America would use the National Guard for…this movie hits the nail on the head.  I recommend it not only for personal viewing, but it is an excellent movie for your chapter to show on campus.  It would definitely evoke deep discussion.  Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, trailer here:

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