Moving Towards Tobacco Prohibition

Dr. Ron Paul’s latest “Texas Straight Talk” takes aim at the FDA and new regulations imposed on the tobacco industry. He writes about the insanity of moving towards tobacco prohibition, as well as the state of the current “War on Drugs.” Let’s hope this new legislation aimed at tobacco manufacturers doesn’t lead down the road to our prisons bursting with non-violent “tobacco offenders.”

Dr. Paul writes:

My objections to the bill are not an endorsement of tobacco. As a physician I understand the adverse health effects of this bad habit. And that is exactly how smoking should be treated – as a bad habit and a personal choice. The way to combat poor choices is through education and information. Other than ensuring that tobacco companies do not engage in force or fraud to market their products, the federal government needs to stay out of the health habits of free people. Regulations for children should be at the state level. Unfortunately, government is using its already overly intrusive financial and regulatory roles in healthcare to establish a justifiable interest in intervening in your personal lifestyle choices as well. We all need to anticipate the level of health freedom that will remain once government manages all health care in this country.

You can read the full article here.

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