MSNBC: “Fed is godfather to the greatest cover up in the history of this country”

Yeah, you read that header right. Plain and simple, right during broadcasting hours, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC states about the Fed:

We are getting closer to fully exposing the greatest con and cover up in the history of this country. It involves our banks, the Federal Reserve, our Congress and, of course, you and me. First, though, think of the Fed as the godfather in this con.

Oh, but Ratigan goes even further; you have to check out the video below and share it with someone who may not yet be convinced of the public ponzi-scheme that is the bailouts, cheap money, inflation, and the accursed Federal Reserve.

Mainstream media is powerful — the commoner starts with them. When they actually do something right, make sure to leverage it. Spread the word, the masses are waking

H/t to Karen Decoster of the LRC Blog.

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