MTSU Semester Report


Our incoming President, Eric Sharp, having raised enough money from local donors, attended the YAL National Convention. He brought back the knowledge gleaned from those five days to supercharge the fall semester.

yal natl

Before the semester got under way we had a planning meeting at La Siesta to swear in new President. Dues were lowered to $5, with decision to focus more on fundraising instead of barriers to membership. This worked in our favor as we garnered many new members over the coming weeks.


A new and swanky group info flier was forged along with a upcoming events flier for the upcoming tabling events. The upcoming events flier was updated monthly.



Our first event was at the Student Org Fair with our dancing YAL BOT, music pumping out of its shoulder speakers, passed out many copies of The Law by Frederic Bastiat and signed up a lots of new members.

We tabled all week of Constitution Week, handing out copies of The Law by Frederic Bastiat and YAL Pocket Constitutions, also gathering petitions to bring Ron Paul to campus.

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On Friday, after a long week of distributing U.S. Constitutions we gathered at Pawboski’s with the Working Dogs and Aaron Ratiere to celebrate the freedoms that eternal document protects … by DANCING!!!

To further train the members in the science of tabling Eric Sharp formulated the short training pamphlet, Tabling 101.
Our major fundraising endeavor was to sell Free Market Tamales. We started by having a yard sale on campus, liquidating existing capital at no cost. We used to the funds earned to buy the materials for the tamales. The Students for Environmental Action peeps really liked the biodegradable wrapping, we raised a ton of funds at little cost, fed hungry students inexpensive food, and undercut the campus Aramark monopoly. 

Tamale 1  Tamale 2

While selling Tamales, we gathered petitions for SGA Senator (and YAL Treasurer) Shane Burk’s bill, the Free Enterprise and Competition Act (FECA). The bill is designed to “encourage a free enterprise system in regards to food services on MTSU’s campus, and for other purposes.” Read the whole bill here.

All of this is done on our part to promote free markets on campus, thusly lowering the astronomical prices of food sold by the food service monopoly, Aramark.

Other groups have tried and failed to break this monopoly, and we have an uphill battle on our hands. Aramark controls many campuses across the country, secured by contracts with the school.

Our Dorm Storm Coordinator, Nate West, took on additional leadership responsibilities as the coordinator of Rutherford Co. Liberty on the Rocks. The event, which is a mixer between local libertarians and conservatives is held on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursday of each month.


lotr 2

Also, our Secretary Adam Johnson, took on the additional duties of coordinaing the Rutherford County Campaign for Liberty meetings. Leaders aren’t made; they step up to the plate.

In addition to the classic YAL BOT,

YAL BOT 1776

we Birthed TWO NEW YAL BOTS 


During our weekly tabling efforts we gathered 230 Petitions to Bring Ron Paul to MTSU.

We had South Park Night every other Tuesday as a social event. Aubrie Sellers took on the leadership position of “Mayor of Southpark,” and performed her duties of organizing these events admirably.

We screened “Don’t Tread On Me” to members with a discussion afterward. This was an excellent primer to the 10th Amendment before going to our conference on nullificaiton and states rights.


YAL Cosponsored with Students for Environmental Action a lecture, October 22nd by Beehive Collective on the “True Cost of Coal”. Lots of voluntary individual options were offered to oppose the violation of property rights by Mountaintop Removal Mining. Cross “pollination” with other activist groups on campus is healthy, yuk yuk yuk.



We drove down to Chattanooga Saturday Oct 23rd to the Nullify Now! conference about the 10th Amendment and states rights. While there, we presented a YAL PoCon to Rep. Susan Lynn. She was honored to be featured in it, but didn’t know!

Added more books to our YAL Liberty Library including Robert P. Murphy’s Lessons for the Young Economist, and the Heartland Institute’s Tea Party Tool Box.

Two of our members, Eric Sharp and Nate West attended the YAL Bootcamp in Kentucky. After being trained in door-to-door campaigning, we were given the opportunity to campaign for the candidate of our choice. We both chose Rand Paul.



Eric and Nate’s personal candidate of choice won, and attended Rand Paul’s Victory Party

YAL hosted Dr. Robert P. Murphy Nov 15th to give a lecture about the differences between capitalism and corporatism. In the lecture he defined this contrast by comparing actions like bailouts with Austrian economic theory, also placing a lot a emphasis on the Federal Reserve causing the boom-bust cycle. He was very generous and donated a copy of his new book Lessons for the Young Economist. View the lecture here [pending].


On Saturday November the 20th, YAL MTSU members orchestrated an End the Fed Rally for Sound Money in Nashville. Eric Sharp the President of YAL MTSU spoke, along with Wes Messamore, the Senior Editior of The Humble Libertarian.

etf elvis
We wrapped up the semester thus far with a South Park Thanksgiving Potluck, and ate vegan turkey and watched goofy youtube videos.
All in all, I’m really happy with how the chapter has grown this semester, and hope to redouble our efforts in the spring.


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