MTSU YAL Clocks the Debt

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At MTSU we built our debt clock while singing the Dethklok theme, and displayed our clock in one of the few spots outside the student union that can house a 40-foot long structure. All the active members came out (featured in video) and we gave out copies of A Guide to Sound Money and the Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You to educate students about what system would prevent such a astronomical number from racking up. We also had a signed copy of Tom Wood’s Rollback on display. The weather varied from chilly to windy to really cold and rainy but we persevered and gathered 57 petitions and many interested students. I augmented the petition to say “Contact Me!” instead of “Join” and had a 70% rate of checkmarks — greatly expanding our email list.   

Our event was a success and made a big splash on campus!

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