Mullen: U.S Willing To Back Mexico’s Drug War

The U.S. military is willing to support Mexican military with the Mexican Drug War using the same tactics it uses in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. According to Admiral Mullen, the Defense Department is prepared to provide support and equipment to the Mexican military — in other words, escalating the already unfortunate situation south of the border.”They have an urgent need. We all have a sense of urgency about this. And so we’re all going to push pretty hard to deliver that capability as rapidly as possible,” he said.

According to the admiral (whos’ currently on his Latin American tour), the U.S. is already providing intelligence to Mexico.  “They need intelligence support, capabilities and tactics that have evolved for us in our fight against networks in the terrorist world,” the Admiral said. “There are an awful lot of similarities.”

Despite the efforts, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the War on Drugs has been a disaster.

The equipment and other support materials will cost the tax payer $1.4 billion. In Mexico, the Drug War is already responsible for thousands of deaths. You’d think it be wise to just end the illegal $10 billion industry by legalization.

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