Mustering a Roll at SUNY Old Westbury

     Wednesday was a significantly trying day for the ever growing YAL chapter at SUNY Old Westbury. With the semester beginning two weeks ago, students new to the school with the hopes and dreams of a better future riding on their backs filled the halls of Nassau Counties’ future home to liberty. The task of getting these students to join the movement is something that OW YAL prideS themselves with.

     Leading the tabling initiative during club bash was OW YAL chapter president, Shaun Weiss and OW YAL Secretary Michael Lemere. Together, the two engaged students and talked to them about the nations direction and the currentt political climate. We eben engaged with an original memeber of the 2007 Ron Paul Revolution who plans to attend one of the meetings in hopes of completing her education in the hands of the very foundry she helped create. With moments and events like this, Old Westbury will be ready to make liberty win this Fall.

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