Mute Man in Washington Arrested for Not Recycling?

We’re being encouraged to recycle now more than ever these days — and by encouraged, I mean forced. Some cities are pushing for fines for improper separation of garbage, but for one man in Olympia, Washington, it resulted in a brutal police crackdown, and an enraged public coming to his aid.  

Scott Yoos, a man who is unable to communicate except by written notes, was thrown to the ground by a police officer for throwing a paper towel in a trash can rather than recycling it. Upon throwing the paper out, he was violently thrown to the ground and had his pen and paper taken away, rendering him unable to communicate with the police officer. Mr. Yoos was charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespassing, but plans to plead not guilty. In response to this flagrant act of cop abuse, 100 people showed up at Olympia City Hall to voice their complaints to this heinous and over-the-top act of force against a man that was arrested for throwing out garbage “improperly,” and resisting arrest because he couldn’t hear the police officer call out to him. Mr. Yoos left reporters with very few details, having been advised by his lawyers to save his testimony for the courtroom.

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