My 2015 ISFLC

I had the honor of attending the International Students for Liberty conference in DC from February 13-15. This conference was a great opportunity for people who love liberty to get together, network with libertarian organizations, and listen to as well as meet amazing speakers.


The night started off with Edward Snowden speaking to the crowd of 1,700 students via live-stream to talk about the issue of privacy and liberty in the United States. It was followed by a great discussion with Dr. Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano.

Edward Snowden

Other speakers included Jeffrey Tucker, John Stossel, David Boaz, Rep. Justin Amash, Rep. Thomas Massie, former Mexican President Vincente Fox, and many others. 

It truly is remarkable just how far the message of liberty is spreading. When I attended the conference I had the opportunity to meet people from around the world including those from Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. It’s not just about liberty within America but liberty throughout the world. I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend and would recommend many others to attend future ISFL conferences.

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