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As many of you know, the White House Blog recently asked us citizens to flag “fishy statements” about health care reform.

Inspired by Keith Hennessey’s tongue-in-cheek email to the administration, I wrote my own email to the administration asking them to take a look at some “fishy statements” I found — in one of the health care bills. Read the letter after the jump.

Dear President Obama, et. al.,

Your team recently posted on the White House Blog asking American citizens to come forth with “fishy” statements about health care reform that we find on the Internet. I applaud your efforts to combat disinformation about health care reform that could defeat attempts at sound and moral changes. Disinformation must not stand in the way of true health care reform.

I’m writing today to respond to your request to seek out and flag fishy statements. I came across a lengthy document a few days ago that makes some very fishy statements that I believe run contrary to what the President has been saying. I fear these fishy statements may sink health care reform. I’m actually quite surprised the administration has not pointed out these fishy statements yet.

These are the fishy statements I found in this document.

  • You promised that you would never raise taxes on individuals earning less than $250,000. However, the document says that individuals who fail to meet acceptable coverage will be subject to a 2.5% tax on their Adjusted Gross Income, even if their income is below $250,000.
  • The President promised that health reform will guarantee the individual’s choice to purchase plans they want. However, the document claims that a “Health Choice Commissioner” will decide what counts as a “qualified plan.” If an individual wants to purchase a plan not approved by the Commissioner, he or she would not be allowed to.
  • You have said that businesses are suffering from having to meet the health care costs for their employees. However, this document claims that businesses who choose not to, or cannot afford to, provide health insurance to their employees will be hit with a tax up to 8% of their payroll.
  • The fishiest statement in this document is that existing health care plans may not enroll new individuals after health care reform is passed. The document also says that individuals who are currently enrolled in a plan will not be allowed to change the terms of their contracts after reform is passed. However, the President has consistently trumpeted choice as a key principle of health reform.

I hope you public address the fishy statements found in this document. As a strong advocate of health care reform, I believe these statements have the ability to drastically diminish the chances of your health care plan moving forward. If the public becomes more exposed to these fishy statements, public opinion may very well overwhelm your efforts at reform.

This document also claims to be H.R. 3200, an actual bill sponsored by Rep. John Dingell that is being considered by the House of Representatives at this very moment. But that couldn’t be possible; the bill breaks so many of the promises you’ve made to the American people. You would never support a bill with that many fishy statements.

Would you?


Preston Mui

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