My Experience at YALCON

YALCON ’17 was amazing, by far the best of the three I’ve been to. There was so much energy and enthusiasm amongst the 400 student activists present. I was able to meet and connect with top activists from all over the country, as well as presidents from some of the chapters I oversee. 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to converse with Jeffery Tucker and Austin Petersen. I did not know Petersen would be hanging out at the convention, so I was shocked to see him. He accepted my business card and invited me to apply to work on his senatorial campaign. I was able to get photographs with him and Tucker, as well as the keynote speakers.

The sheer amount of orgs tabling at the convention was nearly overwhelming. I now have a mountain of business cards to go through, and I have a vast pool of resources from which I can put on events and get funding. 

Before the convention, I attended the semiannual Leadership Team Summit. This was my fourth LTS, and it was just as enthralling and inspiring. The media breakout gave me good tips on competent communications, and how to win (and not die) by the pen. 

Overall, the week I spent was invigorating, and now I’m ready to #MakeLibertyWinTucker at YALCON '17Austin Petersen and ITy Hicks and Eric Wagner at YALCON17

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