My First Membership Drive

Just yesterday on September 28th starting at 10 am, I held my first Membership Drive for YAL’s Ithaca Chapter. The event was held along with the College Republicans as we have banded together to improve our strength with numbers. We surprisingly did not run into any trouble. many of the people we talked to valued liberty, specifically the first amendment. There was a few people though who challenged our beliefs on free speech. These people cited hate speech as a reason why speech should be limited. We went back and forth and, as I said before, it was a surprisingly civil day at Ithaca.

We even earned some new sign ups for our Liberty Coalition (with the College Republicans. More importantly though, we got around 100 signatures for YAL’s Chicago Principles for endorsing free speech on campus. This is very important as I intend on creating a bill in our student government and submitting it to the administration, demanding for free speech across the campus, not in just one select zone. It was a lot of fun and we will certainly do it again, and hopefully we’ll get more signatures!

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