My First Recruitment Drive

I am new to Young Americans for Liberty. I had the honor to attend the National YAL convention in DC this past summer. From there I was able to obtain the skills and tools to run my first ever recruitment drive. I was pleasantly suprised by the amount of support I received from my university. I have heard horror stories of others not being able to table events because they are not registered through the university. However, because I also run the wrestling club here on campus, I have a relationship with those advisors for clubs. They supported me and my event greatly!

The event itself was a blast! I had a ton of fun talking politics with everyone I had the pleasure to meet with. There is a large number of students who are in the Politics and Philosophy degree path that had a lot of interest in YAL. I was able to obtain a good number of sign ups and had an event to follow up a week later. The recruitment drive kit that I received helped me so much. Without this kit, I am not sure I would have been able to achieve what I did. Now I am moving on to even bigger events!


I have a great feeling that the “Your Life Your Right” Event I am going to have on campus will be a huge success. I plan to have sign ups for my event soon on campus and from there I plan to do something a little more unique. As I am a martial arts practitioner, I plan to hold my very own self-defense seminar on campus! I hope to bring some black belts out from different martial arts to hold seminars throughout the day. That way everyone can have a chance to attend. While we teach self-defense I will also be able to spread YAL’s philosophy on liberty. The kit I receive for Your Life Your Right will go a long way in helping me run this event. I plan for it to be a very successful event and cannot wait to get it started. For anyone who reads this I thank you very much for taking the time to do so. If you have any questions feel free to message me, shoot me an email, or add me on Facebook.


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