My First Tabling Experience on Constitution Day

As President of the newly formed chapter on my college campus, I took it upon myself to table with the large box of literature, cards, etc. It was a fairly eye opening experience, as I realize I may have been too docile. I simply laid all of the materials on the table and sat there, occasionally speaking to those passing by. I found however that the more I spoke the more people took the pocket Constitutions I had with me, and the more I was able to at least give them a thirty second primer on the principles of Liberty.

I was a one man circus, as I’m still working upon getting officers that have the ten dollars to spare in order to become dues-paying members of YAL. Being such a slow Friday on campus, not very many people were out and about; yet I was still able to talk to about thirty people or so, including one campus police officer. So, if you find yourself not attracting very many people take note of a two fold token. Visuals. Visuals are key because they allow the individual to have their attention grabbed with cogent, concise information easily accessible to them. Secondly, Energy. If you are just another person at a booth/table on Campus, would you listen to you? Get pumped! Ask people questions. Hard questions like: “Do you like your Freedom?” “Do you know your rights?”

Essentially this tabling experience I had was a trial-run but it was effective in the manner that it allowed me to learn better ways to get the attention of others, and what messages people respond to the best. DON’T be disheartened by your first tabling experience. DO continue on and show them what you believe. Who else will in your place?

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