My first YAL Summit experience

I had thoroughly enjoyed my time at the YAL Summit convention in Santa Clara on 4/28/18. I had brought along my family and a few members of my chapter to experience this first time adventure with me. My friends and I had a lot of fun socializing with all of the other fellow defenders of Liberty. Even in spite of everything one may know regarding politics, there is certainly much more knowledge and wisdom to be obtained from attending the Summit. I personally gained tons of insight into strengthening leadership, campaign strategy, debating, entrepreneurship, and much more. Much of the helpful advice divulged from the event is transferable information that applied in many future situations (my friends were especially intrigued by the valuable lessons being given). My personal favorite moment of the event was getting to meet and greet U.S. Rep. Justin Amash at the VIP reception prior to his speech. Now having been to Summit, it has encouraged me to adapt to a higher level of dedication for the cause in order to become more effective in spreading the message of Liberty among my community!


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