My Trip to CPAC

I arrived in Washington DC on Thursday ready to begin my work for liberty. The next day I picked up my ticket for CPAC and went over to the Gaylord National Hotel. I was amazed by the amount of conservative organizations and activists who were there.

However, I was there to advance liberty, not to learn about it. I found the YAL booth at the convention and got straight to work. I was helping them to sign up new people and mark them on the political quiz chart. I was amazed by the number of people at CPAC who were libertarian or libertarian leaning, which shows that our philosophy is beginning to make a difference.


I did this for two days straight, but I still had time to seeing Rand Paul. I was excited to see him win the straw poll which made me feel that my work for has liberty accomplished something.

Besides the hard work of advancing liberty, I went around looking at the different booths from organizations. There I gained new information and also resources for advancing he cause of liberty, while also networking with other people.

Though, the best part was meeting new and old friends who were from all across the country, advancing freedom in their states and colleges which made me feel that I was part of a broader movement. I enjoyed my time at the convention and I look forward to going back next semester.

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