My YALCON 2017 Experience

As my first YALCON, I had no idea what to expect (apart from meeting 400+ liberty activists from across the country). That said, I don’t think that a mystical fortune-teller with picture perfect prescience relaying to me everything that was to come would have been able to prepare me for how great of a time I was to have! Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Glenn Jacobs, Judge Napolitano, and several other speakers were certainly the highlights of the event as they fired us all up about liberty!

Break-out programs were strewn about the hotel at various times and locations, providing informative lecturers from such organizations as the Charles Koch Institute, Alliance Defending Freedom, FreedomWorks, and many others. O, the things we learned.

Even without the terrific externalities offered by YAL and our partner organizations and speakers, just being with so many bright, enthusiastic minds together was worth the trip. We have some of the best young people in the country to aid in our cause of spreading liberty. Cramming us all together into a very nice, accommodating hotel was excitement enough; the rest was the icing on top!

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