Nader: Progressive-libertarian alliance ‘the most exciting new political dynamic’ in US.

In this segment on FOX’s Freedom Watch, Ralph Nader is clearly excited about the new political dynamic emerging in the U.S. in response to the dissatisfaction of the American people with their government. More specifically, Libertarians and Progressives coming together on issues that they agree on.  He stated that “a coming liberal-conservative connection” is coming that will “ultimately draw that distinction between the corporatist and the true libertarian conservatives.”

To be perfectly honest, I hope he is right. Connecting with groups on specific issues is, I think, a great way to truly fight the establishment. I don’t agree with progressives on certain issues or the role of government, but most of the time we agree on civil liberties. Too often  I think certain organizations or people don’t like to get involved with other political groups because of how it might look to some people. We have to move beyond image and do the right thing. We don’t have to agree with every group or organization on everything, but we can (and should) unite under certain issues. 

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