National Debt Awareness: Kicking the Can Back

On Friday October 11th, “The Can Kicks Back” came to Cleveland State University to bring awareness to students on the national debt crisis. Our Young Americans for Liberty chapter helped co-sponsor the event. Students were able to watch the film “OverDraft,” which was a fair and non-partisan discussion by both Republicans and Democrats on an issue that is often used as a blame game by both parties. The film took a look at the national debt problem and major areas of national spending, such as national defense, healthcare, social security, and foreign aid to name a few. 


Sacrifices need to be made in all those areas. More and more people are realizing we can’t just ignore this problem and hope it goes away.

Former Senator George Voinovich was one of the featured speakers, and he said, “The debt crisis is the biggest security threat America faces.” A country cannot be free if it cannot be prosperous, if it cannot even pay its own bills. We are borrowing money from China and Japan — and what happens if they stop accepting Treasury Bonds? This was one of the many questions asked which hopefully got some students thinking. Because of this crisis, future generations are going to face a lower standard of living. 

Many young people are passionate about this issue, which is too often kicked under the rug and ignored by Congress because it affects them and their future. Future generations are going to face the consequences of our government spending more than it takes in. I know I don’t want to see a less free and prosperous nation, which is why we need to fix this problem now. It’s about time we kicked the can back to the government and say enough is enough. 


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