National Debt “Clock” Event at UC Irvine

On January 18th-19th, the Young Americans for Liberty club at UC Irvine protested against government spending by displaying a homemade national debt clock for all students to see. This was done during the busiest time of the day (11AM – 3PM), in the busiest place on campus (Student Center). The event was recorded and uploaded by Campus Reform; the video can be viewed below:

Beforehand,  we covered the campus in flyers displaying an average person standing alongside growing stacks of hundred dollar bills. The graphic shows that even just a trillion dollars (one-fourteenth of our public debt) stacks high and wide enough to dwarf a person.


YAL members all manned the clock and updated it as moved closer to our national debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion. 


While most college activist organizations are rallying for more entitlements and public spending, the UCI Young Americans for Liberty advocate for free markets, a balanced budget, and constitutionally-limited government.


Furthermore, much attention was gained by using a megaphone to project our voice, giving the students who pass by statistics on how much the national debt has increased since they were in class.


Lastly, a non-UCI student member of YAL, Josh Plotkin (shown in the picture above) has written up a tutorial on how exactly to construct a national debt clock just like ours. If you are interested in hosting an event similar to ours, feel free to view our tutorial here.

For more information our UCI YAL, visit our website here.

— Matt Eggleton, President of YAL at UCI

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