National Debt Display at Auburn University

Young Americans for Liberty members at Auburn University helped their peers “visualize the debt” by displaying all 14 digits of the national debt. Many students were caught staring at the astonishing display on the way to class.


Several students were intrigued and had questions for our current members. We gained more than 30 new members by the end of the week.


Members also painted a sign to help illustrate how astronomical the debt has grown to be. The sign illustrates how purchasing nine Chevrolet Corvettes every second–priced at around 50 grand each–would still not exceed the federal debt.  This helped to give students a measurable concept of how much the government has been spending.


In addition to both signs, members handed out water bottles featuring the national debt as well as the Young Americans for Liberty logo.



Check out some videos of the week’s events:

At the end of the week, we discussed with other students the possibility of a federal government shutdown due to an exorbitant deficit budget.

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