National Debt Protest at Pima Community College

Our YAL chapter at Pima Community College held a National Debt Protest on campus from October 21st to 22nd… and it was a total success!

National Debt Clock

Weeks before we hosted the event, we got together to design and build a big national debt clock made out of plywood. Our goal was to catch the interest of everyone so that we could engage in personal conversations and discuss the dangers of the debt and its impact to us as citizens — all while encouraging them to join our chapter.

Debt CLock 4

On the day of the event, we set up a table next to the debt clock and decorated it to make it more attractive. We placed another table with free frozen fruit drinks and we wore our YAL t-shirts and started working on our goal.

Debt Clock 4

During the protest we saw many people stopping in front of our location. Many took pictures of the clock and gave us supportive feedback. By seeing that, we knew that the message we were trying to spread was getting across our campus. Overall it was an awesome experience and as a result we got PCC students and faculty attention, as well as local media attention and 20 more YAL sign-ups! A few days later, Arizona Daily Independent posted an online article about our YAL chapter, the organization overall, and an interview with our president Jonathan Soto. You can read the full article here!

We will keep working hard to raise awareness about big government and the message of LIBERTY!

Building National Debt Clock

National Debt Clock

Debt Clock 4

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