National debt @ USM Gulf Park

Young Americans for Liberty at the Gulf Park campus of the University of Southern Mississippi participated in “My Two Cents Day” on February 12. We did this to inform the students about their portion of the national debt and asked them to express how this made them feel, both on campus and through social media. We also asked the students to write their representatives about how they felt.

USM student expressing their worries

We hosted an informative “Lunch and Learn” with local libertarian activist Danny Bedwell. We provided sodas, pizza, and cupcakes to the students and they ate while Mr. Bedwell spoke to the students about the national debt and walked them through the numbers.

Danny Bedwell informing USM students about the National Debt

Students waiting for the Lunch and Learn to begin

We also held a tabling event where we displayed the national debt ticker and explained to the students how it effects them on an individual level. The students expressed their felling on a display board and uploaded selfies to Facebook and Twitter.

YAL member chalking about our Lunch and Learn

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