National Insecurity from the TSA and Sen. Lautenberg

This story, which I heard about earlier this week and was covered more extensively by Lew Rockwell and Andrew Napolitano on yesterday’s “Freedom Watch,” is yet another outrage courtesy of a completely out-of-control “national security” state.  Haisong Jiang, Chinese national and doctoral candidate of molecular biology at Rutgers University, was near a TSA “security checkpoint” when he spontaneously (Duh) decided to slip through the security door to give his departing girlfriend a last-second farewell kiss. She then flew to California while he left the airport without laying a finger on anyone.

Jiang was able to “breach” the security checkpoint of the Newark Airport  TSA because one of their employees had abandoned his “post,” without proper authorization. Once the group of TSA “officers” (Larry, Moe and Curly anyone?) finally realized the  “breach” had occurred, they attempted to access their security cameras to find out where the guy had gone. Because their cameras were inoperable — and had been so for six days — the TSA wasn’t able to see what had happened and instead, ingeniously shut down the entire freakin’ airport for 6 hours, causing hundreds of flight delays and stranding thousands of passengers.

To any sane person, the completely incompetent, unprofessional behavior of the Newark TSA should be implicated as responsible for this mess. But to the power-lusting Sen. Frank  Lautenberg,  the real bad guy is poor Jiang. Already arrested for the “crime” of defiant trespass and ordered to pay an up to $500 fine, Lautenberg wants to “see if there is any course of action” under federal law to punish poor Jiang more than the “slap on the wrist” his misdemeanor conviction and fine represent. Foaming at the mouth in anticipation of using state violence to ruin this poor fellow’s life, Lautenberg also calls for Jiang’s deportation, saying “He’s really an unwelcome guest….He should be returned to his homeland.”

Folks in the liberty movement are very individualistic to the extent that they rarely all agree on anything. But I think I can speak for for all of us in this instance, saying to Sen. Lautenberg: “Shut up, you creep.”

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