NC State hosts Incarceration panel

In Raleigh, members of North Carolina State University’s YAL chapter hosted a panel of specialists to talk about federal rulings on mandatory minimum sentencing and the growing police state in the United States.


To generate buzz about the panel, chapter President Alex Pomeroy, created a mock jail cell for students on NC State’s campus to take pictures with. While students were walking by, activist and wannabe NSA agent Andrew Klein (dressed in all black and “boom mic” equipped) followed peers around listening intently to their conversations.  


The chapter co-sponsored the tabling efforts with the College Democrats at NC State who helped with tabling and advertising for our panel. The College Republicans also wanted to get involved and showed interest in ending absurd mandatory sentencing!  




The panel was made of the North Carolina State Director from Generation Opportunity, Alex Johnson, and the Policy Director from the ACLU of North Carolina, Sarah Preston. Moderated by one of YAL’s state chairs, Ross Bradley, the discussion focused on the collective consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing, and questions like why there seemed to be a collaborative left-right initiative to reform these laws, and what our generation could do to enact change. 




I’d like to end by thanking Generation Opportunity for sponsoring our speakers, and food & beverages for attendees, as well as YAL’s sponsors for covering our essential costs. Without them, this amazing discussion could not have occurred!

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