NC State Loves Free Speech, but Admin Doesn’t

On November 4th, the YAL chapter at North Carolina State University decided to protest the free speech zones on campus.

We started off the day on a sugary-sweet note, with Krispy Kreme donuts and conversations with a freedom-loving NCSU professor in the Brickyard — NC State’s official “free speech zone.”

Fear not, we left the unconstitutional chains of the Brickyard almost as soon as we arrived. From there, we left to roll around the rest of central campus. Did our eight-foot beach ball get some strange looks? Yes. Did it inspire conversation with members of the NC State community about the importance of 1st Amendment rights on a public campus? Of course.

Everyone was #triggered. We were #blessed.

They saw us rollin’, they hatin’, they tryin’ to catch us Writin’ Dirty!

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