NC State Rallies for the Constitution!

The sounds of liberty are chiming all across North Carolina, but at NC State the bells are the loudest!


Our YAL chapter worked diligently all week to ensure the student body knew about Constitution Week, and as well as their constitutional rights! We prepared boards, Constitutions, screened a video, booked a speaker, and held awesome socials! 



Our chapter handed out HUNDREDS of Constitutions throughout the week. We had set up in the brickyard, our biggest quad, with four large boards so everyone could see. We had our welcome post, a sign to show our support of the Constitution, and a board with the Bill of Rights. Also, looming ominously over the Bill of Rights, we had a board filled with “Constitutional Contradictions” which included the NDAA and the Patriot Act.

We even had help from our history department, who had a few students come to our table to read about the Constitution.




Inside all of our Constitutions were our mini flyers that held information on our events we were holding that week.


On Tuesday night, we screened “10 Rules for Dealing with the Police” at McDaid’s Irish Pub. Following the screening, we sat around and discussed the importance of knowing your rights, and the problems that occur when people do not. Everything from police militarization to cops overstepping their bounds and lying to citizens about their rights was debated, until the social and karaoke started! 



Thursday arrived, and our chapter got a chance to listen to Robert Shibley, Senior Vice President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). He spoke about the dangers of school policies that overrule the First Amendment. He also touched on some of the more ridiculous cases that we’ve ever heard, and almost made us thankful that NC State is only “yellow lighted” by FIRE’s index. Mr. Shibley ended by asking us what we can do to secure freedom of speech on State’s campus. 



NC State loves Constitution Week! It’s critical that our student body, and our voting body, realize what our government can and cannot do. Happy Constitution Week!


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