NC State Students Pass Out Constitutions Despite Faculty Ban

After the viral video of an NC State Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer assuring an undercover journalist that she would remove copies of the US Constitution from a dormitory, YAL members at NC State took up arms to distribute as many copies as they could.


But there was more than just problems of mock journalists causing a ruckus on campus that week. Members from GAP, the Genocide Awareness Project, were petitioning in the brick yard to raise awareness about abortion. The GAP had signs of aborted, first trimester fetuses postered up in the brickyard. Some students went to social media to mention their distress about the pictures and calling for the removal of them from the brickyard. These students are wrong.


Next to GAP, there were also counter protesters and others out expressing their beliefs. We took it upon ourselves to pass out pocket constitutions to all groups that were outside to remind all parties the constitutional and natural rights that we all have to free speech. 


Our last stop of the day was to Honors Quad, the location of Berry Hall where the Constitution was supposedly banned. We handed out the last of our constitutions without any issues; almost as if the administration knew they were wrong from the start. 


Hopefully students learn that free exchange of ideas is the best way to discuss an issue and create lasting change instead of hiding in “safe zones”. We hope our efforts opened the minds of the students at NC State to choose free and open discussion instead of blocking out opposing arguments.

*No college students were triggered in the making of this activism* 

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