NC State supplies munchies on 4/20

As students from NC State walked through the brickyard Friday wearing sunglasses, hiding their reddened eyes from their ‘allergies’, they stopped by the YAL tables to pick up a brownie made with an extra ingredient:  liberty! 

Crowded tables

Once they stopped for their free munchy our members informed them on the tragedies of the War on Drugs: overpopulation of prisons for nonviolent crimes, the creation of the black market, and of course the attack on our civil liberties and the constitution along with a couple others! We had around 40 new sign-ups for our mailing list that will invite them all to our first meeting next semester. The largest impact we had on people that day was to remind them to protest against laws and government programs we believe to be unjust. Just being out there was a friendly reminder to the thousand or so students that walked by to fight for what you believe in.

Don't tread on weed

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