NC State Welcomes the Class of 2017


As NC State finishes its second club involvement fair, our YAL chapter has made a substantial step towards a successful new year with a strong, new freshman class. Our first club fair, the campus crawl, took place inside of our campus gym, where more than 100 clubs showed up to gather new members.


Emma & Ross set up our table and collected over three full sign up sheets worth of names to add to our list serv with the help of candy, operation politically homeless, and the YAL palm cards. During our first meeting, we had 15 new faces in attendances!


Our second campus sponsored fair, the student involvement fair, was outside in our famous brickyard. You can see our members Ian, John, and Zwick working hard to collect signatures before most groups had set up for the involvement fair. What a great team! There, they collected over two more full sheets of sign ups and dedicated new members to help fuel NC State’s YAL chapter for the next year!


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